Mangal (Mars) Yantra

What is Mangal Yantra?

MARS is said to be the ‘PRINCE’ among all the planets. In astrology, MARS is the the son of ‘PRITHVI’. It is said to be a wicked planet. Its malefic position may result in the cruelness and anger to the native. An astrologer recommends wearing a CORAL to minimize the tribulations of the malefic MARS in the horoscope.

In Indian astrology, MARS is the “PRAKARMA” of “KAAL PURUSHA”. It represents native’s bravery, patience, tolerance, spirit, steadiness, anger, lies, disgustingness, jealousy, protectiveness and excitements etc. MARS increased the feelings of nationalism and patriotism in the heart of the native. It is the LORD of SOUTH DIRECTION.

Mangal is the significator of co- born, temperament, accident, high blood pressure, physical and mental strength, brother-sister, relations, courage, power etc. threatened separation or divorce, abortions, denial of children, debt.

What are the benefits of this yantra?

Mangal Yantra helps the wearer to overcome the difficulties and one succeeds in all his efforts to gain desires and lead a comfortable life.

When Mars is malefic or one is of rash temperament, Mangal yantra is very useful, it removes the evil effects of Mars like injury, accident etc.

Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and to enhance physical and mental strength, brother-sister relations, courage, power etc.

The ladies or gents who are deprived off the marriage or married life is full of miseries and difficulties, threatened separation or divorce. Also Mangal yantra/Mars Yantra works remarkably in case of abortions, denial of children.

one remains in debt and is not capable to repay inspite of honest intentions rather debt increases making the life hell, all these difficulties can be spiritually overcomed by wearing/keeping Mangal yantra.

Who can wear this Yantra?

If you are facing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Mangal, it is recommended to use Mangal Yantra to appease Mangal.

- If the position of Mangal in your horoscope is unfavorable and the time is not in your favor you are recommended to use Mangal Yantra to overcome the troubles you are facing.

Using Mangal Yantra created on Bhoj Patra blesses the native with all good in his business and profession like business of GOLD, STEEL, AGRICULTURE, WEAPONS, & LAND PROPERTY. POLICE & DEFENSE SERVICES, CHEMICAL STUDIES, SURGERY, DENTAL TREATMENTS etc.

Mangal Yantra is also used to cure the diseases occurred due to malefic position of Mangal in the horoscope of a native like HEAT STROKE, HEADACHE, HIGH FEVER, PREGNANCY PROBLEMS, BLOOD DEFECTS, PILES, ITCHING, LACK OF CALCIUM IN THE BONES etc.

How Tantric prepares this Yantra?

• While energizing Tantric take care of the time and place to be chosen. He has to look for " auspicious time " (shubh samya) to write and energies and worship of this yantra is performed in a auspicious Muhurta (a particular star and moment) when there is maximum power generated from the planet Sun. This yantra basically is to be drawn by a special kind of ink prepared by red sandal, Gorochan and with Meany herbs on a Bhojpatra (Skin of a try) paper piece and be worshipped to attain success.

How one can wear this yantra?

Bhojpatra yantra are directed to be used in a Talisman (Taabiz) by tying it on the upper arms or by using it as a pendant around the neck or by simply placing it in the Devine area like temple (Pooja Sthala) or by simply sticking it on a wall of the shop, office, factory etc.

Why only Bhojpatra Yantra? ?

• As per Indian (Hindu) Shastras the Yantras written on "Bhoj Patra" are the best yantra to accomplish the task of that particular yantra. Bhojpatra is processed from the layers of the tree named Bhoj, which is in use by Vedic Teachers and professionals since the ancient times.

• It is said in the Indian epics (Hindu shastraas) that the Yantras written and energized (praan pratishtha) on Bhojpatra are the best Yantras to overcome the troubles and problems.

Our Tantrachrya has come over with a deep study of these Yantras duly written & energized on Bhojpatras. As of now, our panel of astrologer and the Vedic Professionals have worked on meany different Yantras on Bhojpatra and have discovered unimaginable results Or in simple words miracles have been noticed.

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